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The Society Landau


Crafted with Care

The coachbuilder's landau has remained one of the most popular luxury carriage designs since the 18th century because of its vis-à-vis seating and low shell that allows for its passengers to easily see and to be seen.

  • Copy / Modify / No Transfer

  • 100% Original Mesh, Textures, and Sounds.

  • Customization HUD

  • Packaged with multiple setup options for 3-10 riders and the full range of Teeglepets.

  • Requires some setup & modding skills. See instructions.

  • Does not include any horses or tack.

  • Adds an estimated 15-35 land impact when attached to a Teeglepet.

Meet the team

  • Ayame (stable.mum)

  • Ban (

  • Yuki (yukiko.yeshto)

  • Chibi (chibiusa.ling)

  • Nox (noxikcs.crisp)

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